About the Alpenglow Quilt Pattern

About the Alpenglow Quilt Pattern

Close-up of the alpenglow quilt top with sunshine lighting it from behind. Photo by Amy Lacy.

In September, I’ll be releasing my first quilt pattern. I designed this pattern as part of Elizabeth Chappell’s 2022 Quilt Pattern Writing Course. It’s been almost a year (!) and I am so excited to finally be sharing this quilt pattern!

For the course, we were challenged to create a block-based quilt. I started by drawing some sketches on graph paper and was really excited by this slightly wonky mountain shape that emerged.

I re-created the block in EQ8 and then completed the pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

I love the mountain and valley shapes that this design evokes and as I started playing with fabric, I thought about the beautiful colors that I see reflected on the mountains. 

“Alpenglow” is the term for light reflected on mountains at sunrise and sunset. Here, in central Colorado we see the alpenglow in the morning. It's a peaceful time filled with the potential of the day ahead.

For this quilt, I curated a bundle of orange, pink, purple, and blue solid and print fabrics, all from Art Gallery Fabrics, inspired by the colors of the sky and mountains at sunrise.

I worked very hard to make this quilt pattern accessible to makers of all skill levels and especially for beginners. I remember how much I wished I had step-by-step instructions when I first started quilting, and that’s what I’ve tried to create for here to make this pattern easy for anyone to make.

I hope this quilt pattern brings you those same feelings of peace and potential I feel when seeing the morning alpenglow.

The Alpenglow Quilt pattern will launch on Mon., Sept. 4. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about the pattern release!
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