About Due Pinoli

Mary Catherine Longshore stands in a Colorado field with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Our Story

Hi, I'm Mary Catherine and I began quilting as a self-care escape after becoming a mother. Escaping into the world of quilting continues to restore and empower me and I am thrilled to connect with others and share  joy through quilting.

Our Brand

“Due Pinoli” translates to “two pine nuts” in Italian. It's a name that connects and honors several generations of family. First, my two little pine nuts who will hopefully grow into mighty trees. Second, my Italian heritage. And, third, my mother, grandmother, and aunts who have baked many, many holiday fruitcakes filled with delicious pinoli. I'm so grateful to have my family's support and Due Pinoli wouldn't exist without them!

You'll see the words "easy", "fun" and "escape" repeated here because we want our products to be easy and fun for everyone and for you to be able to escape into the creative and fulfilling world of quilting. No matter who you are, you are welcome here and we are glad you're here!

Our Commitment

At Due Pinoli, we commit to creating a welcoming feeling of escape into a fun and creative world with easy and beautiful quilt patterns and supplies created and curated with beginners in mind. Our hope is that no matter your background or skill level, you will find things here that inspire you to create with the philosophy that "from one small seed, a mighty tree can grow."

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