Welcome to the Due Pinoli quilt blog!

Welcome to the Due Pinoli quilt blog!

Hi! Thanks so much for reading the Due Pinoli quilt blog! This is our very first post and I'd love to tell you a little bit about who we are.

I'm Mary Catherine and I began quilting soon after becoming a mother. I needed a creative escape and the rhythm of the sewing machine, the tactile nature of the work, and the satisfaction of creating something that was both beautiful and functional really spoke to me. Escaping into the world of quilting really helped me re-discover myself and my passions. Quilting continues to restore and empower me. It's amazing how quickly being creative can refill my cup!

Due Pinoli owner Mary Catherine stands in a Colorado field.

I started Due Pinoli during the pandemic, initially to bring joy to others by making fun and colorful masks. Although I love making things for others, I am more fulfilled by empowering others and feel called to make quilt patterns and cultivate resources for others who, like me, are looking for creative escapes. I am so thrilled to connect with you through sharing this joy of quilting!

On a personal note, you'll see the words "easy", "fun" and "escape" repeated often on our website and in our products. That's because these resources are for YOU, whether you are new to sewing, quilting, or a specific technique. All of our patterns are written at a beginner level and we do our best to create patterns that anyone who is motivated to learn can complete. We also strive to make our patterns fun. Quilting is supposed to be fun, after all! And we want everything to have a sense of escape, for our designs to transport you to another place and for quilting to restore your soul.

No matter who you are, you are welcome here and we are glad you're here. We truly believe that "from one small seed, a mighty tree can grow." So if you're new to quilting or want to try something that's new to you, give it a try. You never know what that one little try will lead you to. Thanks for being here!

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